Mobile App for Schools

Looking for a creative and fun way to encourage learning that works in and out of your classroom? With the new StringFlix School app, students and teachers can work together to create engaging videos that reinforce your curriculum in literacy, arts, history, science and more.

Students can also co-create videos for class projects, school campaigns and contests, special day celebrations, fundraisers, or to maintain social connections in a safe, closed network only accessible to schools. The StringFlix School app is:

Collaborative: each student contributes to create one seamless team video. 

Simple: students and teachers don’t need extensive training to start working on projects together.

Configurable: schools can easily make the app their own with customized animations, logos, and designs.

Portable: students can complete an entire video project on their phone or tablet and don’t need another computer for editing.

Controlled: teachers can initiate each video project’s topic based on the curriculum. 

Secure: a student-friendly, video-based social media app only accessible to schools and built with student privacy-by-design.

Download the free Teacher’s Handbook for using StringFlix School in your classroom.