Our Vision

To create a more meaningful social experience when creating video content uniting people with each single video post.

StringFlix recognizes that humans, by nature, are social creatures, and collaboration is an innate part of the human experience. However, team participation is getting lost with solitary expression in Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. The current social media platforms are limited to a linear one-way communication process when creating a video post, but not StringFlix. We are an open platform where users will be able to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, to invite people to your StringFlix video post and actually share that collective post in any other platform desired.

How we differ

StringFlix dynamically changes online video content by enabling multiple users to send and stitch dozens of individual clips, (usually 15 seconds per clip), to create a single, seamless video presentation. This form of collaboration not only promotes a stronger message but it will have a network effect to affectively reach a much larger global audience. Together in a video, we will create stories much larger than our private expressions.

Meet the Team

StringFlix has a diverse team, crossing many continents and languages, who came together in NYC to create a company that celebrates our differences and yet recognizes the importance of coming together to be better.

We combined our strengths with the important goal of making the best social video experience platform to allow our users to combine their forces as well.


Magda Stenzel

Co-Founder & CEO

15 years of video content creation experience and broadcast media design.


Alex Todorov

Co-Founder & CTO

Software Engineer and Database architect with more than 10 years of experience


Anthony Giordano

Co-Founder & CMO

Expert in global media and marketing. Recognized by Forbes 30 under 30


Juné Shiiki

Senior Art Director of Digital Content

Emmy-nominated animator and designer with 13+ years in the broadcast TV industry.


Partner with Us:

StringFlix can make Premium Title Videos embedded in the app with your company or organization logo and website address which your customers can use when sending video testimonials about your brand. There has never been before a promotional tool that allows your audience, your fans, and followers, to participate and promote your video at the same time. Contact us for more information to grow your brand with StringFlix.

Contact us today at sales@stringflix.com